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Cavia Porcellus

The Languid Belly of the Beast

The Languid Belly of the Beast

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"An exhilarating ride." - The Prairies Book Review

The job: Deliver one revolutionary for hire to a secret meeting.
The catch: He needs to be delivered to Earth. THE Earth. Ancestral home of humanity and the seat of power for the paradoxically named Free Earth.

If it wasn't for the money, Inez would never have taken this job. If she was given the option not to take it, which come to think of it she definitely wasn't. Inez is a cargoist, and while this charming man is not cargo, this was still her vocation.

While she is enjoying the new cloak and dagger job, she won't be able to do it alone. She needs someone who can get her past the Free Earth security computers, which means reconnecting with Sara Ringwald. Sara, her ex-lover and eternal question mark in Inez's past. Sara, the daughter of the man she killed. Sara, who is most definitely up to something.

As they get ever closer to Earth, one thing becomes very clear: Suddenly, her jobs have consequences, and Inez is not sure she wants to pay them.

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