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Cavia Porcellus

Fiends of the Hub (ebook)

Fiends of the Hub (ebook)

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Violence. Detective Brooke Scanlon of the Boston Police has seen it before. Terrorism. Murder. Mass casualty events. But she's never seen the sort of animal brutality waiting for her at this apartment complex, a blood soaked nightmare with only one survivor.

Vengeance. Scott Reid was looking forward to a quiet life with his bride-to-be. But now she's gone and he keeps finding himself in more and more dangerous situations, pushed to the edge, knowing the one thing he truly wants is the one thing out of his reach.

Vampires. It's the word no one wants to say out loud. It's craziness. They'd take you away, take you off the case. But how else to explain the bestial nature of the attacks, the exsanguination, the complete lack of motive? How to explain except that the vicious attacks were carried out by the voracious undead?
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