It’s been just about nine years since I started writing what would become Fiends of the Hub. It took about two years to write, and another four before I felt like it was ready to submit for publishing. Agents and publishers that I contacted weren’t all that interested, so I self-published with Amazon KDP and Smashwords. I don’t know much about marketing my own work, so honestly sales have been less that I would have hoped. That’s not a complaint, so much as an acknowledgement of my own limitations. 

Still, there doesn’t appear to be interest right now in this world of vampires and regular people, so it’s time to move on to what’s next.

So many big ideas but when it comes down to it, the stories I want to read and write are about people and how they interact with those big, sometimes scary, things. What are they fighting against? What are they fighting for? 

Hopefully this year you’ll meet Inez Stanton, who has been occupying a fair space in my brain. It’s 700 years in the future, and things are better and worse than they’ve ever been. I’m rediscovering a love of writing that’s been eluding me since I finished Fiends all those years ago. 

I need to finish getting my office set up (one of many things I need to do around our recently purchased home), but I want to keep up with this blog weekly as part of training myself back into writing.

I also made a new, very simple, website. Squarespace’s offerings were okay, but their editor was terrible. I’ve gone with Weebly this time, and it’s much smoother. Just have to get the DNS all moved over.

So, every Sunday I want to give a status report. How many words written, interesting or difficult scenes written, stumbling blocks to overcome. (Let’s face it, writing a novel is not so much different from being in a novel.) 

​Thanks for reading.

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