2023 commences

2023 commences

About 24 hours ago, as I'm writing this, my wife and I got to New Haven, CT so we could attend the They Might Be Giants New Year's Eve show (with Jonathan Coulton). We picked up sushi from a place near the hotel, and had our New Year's Eve dinner in the hotel room so that we could avoid the crowds.

The show wasn't starting until 9, and the doors opened at 8. When we got to the venue (easy walking distance from the hotel) at 7:15, there were already a couple of hundred people in line to get in. 

If you've ever seen TMBG live, you know they do a great show. This is easily one of the best shows I've seen them do. It helped me start 2023 with a great feeling in my heart (and a horrible feeling in my feet... I am not as young as I once was).

Today, back in New Hampshire, I am doing my best not to get back into the habits of the past three years. I've been falling behind on all of my writing and eager to get back into some kind of flow. Inez has more stories in her, and I have some other ideas that want to get down on the page. 

I'm also going to try keeping this blog updated at least weekly, and start my monthly newsletter back up. It's hard when you don't feel like you have anything to say, but then sometimes that's what really needs to be said.

So expect more from your author, and your author will try to provide.

A set list for They Might Be Giants New Year's Eve show.
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