The Deep Space Cargoist

Book Cover: The Loneliness of the Deep Space Cargoist by JS Carter Gilson, featuring a space ship in a debris field bearing an emblem with a tree growing out of the earth.

Book Cover: The Languid Belly of the Beast by JS Carter Gilson, depicting a futuristic city shrouded in smog, with the National Opera House in Oslo at the center.

Book Cover: The Hands That Pull the Strings by JS Carter Gilson, depicting an organically odd-looking space ship in atmosphere

The Loneliness of the
Deep Space Cargoist

The Languid Belly
of the Beast

The Hands That
Pull the Strings

“A dazzling debut.” – The Prairies Book Review

Alone. Afraid. Fighting to survive.

A collision with space debris has left a gigantic hole in Inez Stanton’s ship, nearly crippling it. Inez is a cargoist, that rare breed of adventurer who takes to deep space solo, ferrying valuable cargo for the Tenth Great and Glorious Browns Company. Now she’s in a race against her own rig’s spaceworthiness, and that might not be the worst part.

The totalitarian Free Earth, led by the populist Brother Lin, has also lost a ship on this lane, and is intent on finding out why. The Company wants their cargo delivered and can make Inez’s life very difficult if she doesn’t succeed. With the nearest waystation three days away, death in the cold vacuum of space is a distinct possibility as well.

The clock is ticking for her to deliver her cargo. But will she want to when she finds out what she’s actually carrying?

“An exhilarating ride.” — The Prairies Book Review

The job: Deliver one revolutionary for hire to a secret meeting.
The catch: He needs to be delivered to Earth. THE Earth. Ancestral home of humanity and the seat of power for the paradoxically named Free Earth.

If it wasn’t for the money, Inez would never have taken this job. If she was given the option not to take it, which come to think of it she definitely wasn’t. Inez is a cargoist, and while this charming man is not cargo, this was still her vocation.

While she is enjoying the new cloak and dagger job, she won’t be able to do it alone. She needs someone who can get her past the Free Earth security computers, which means reconnecting with Sara Ringwald. Sara, her ex-lover and eternal question mark in Inez’s past. Sara, the daughter of the man she killed. Sara, who is most definitely up to something.

As they get ever closer to Earth, one thing becomes very clear: Suddenly, her jobs have consequences, and Inez is not sure she wants to pay them.

Paradise is only skin deep.

After the last several weeks, Inez Stanton is taking a well-deserved vacation. She’s on an all-inclusive luxury resort moon, on her own, with a few thousand other people taking up space around her. She hates it.

After a week of free drinks and avoiding people as much as possible, Inez finally has a plan for a quiet day on the beach. She didn’t count on the Free Earth battle cruiser blocking the twin suns, or the mystery ship that showed up shortly after.

She also wasn’t counting on her biological father showing up with his marines, or the explosive confrontation that was coming.

Suddenly the rest and relaxation she was looking for is nowhere in sight, replaced by a fight for survival. Refugees, marines, unknown aliens, and new friends who just want to get away from their getaway.

Coming January 12, 2021!

Fiends of the Hub

Hungry, vicious, and wild. These vampires don’t care about your feelings.

“A fun, blood-soaked romp through a vampire attack on modern Boston.” — Amazon 4-star reader review

Detective Brooke Scanlon may be one of the best detectives in the Boston Police Major Crimes division, but nothing prepared her for the horror in East Boston. Dozens of mutilated bodies and just a single, dead suspect, facts which don’t jibe with nearly identical attacks happening across the country.

Vampires are the farthest thing from Scott Reid’s mind. He just wants to marry his fiancée Margie and settle down for a nice, normal, quiet life. Life has other plans in mind.

As more bodies pile up, circumstance draws them into a dangerous web where the supernatural is suddenly all too real. Vampires are attacking, and soon, Scott and Brooke are fighting to save Boston from its greatest threat ever.

Book Cover: Fiends of the Hub by JS Carter Gilson, featuring the Custom House Tower and an apartment building in Boston, under red, cloudy skies.